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Family Life in the 1950s
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A Family Trip to the Seaside at 1950s Cayton

This film provides a snapshot into a family day out at the beach in the 1950s. Most families at this time did not travel abroad, and British holiday parks and the seaside were favourite holiday destinations.

Note: There is no audio on this film.

Note: This is an original 1950s film, and the visual quality reflects that.


Film © Yorkshire Film Archive



A holiday to the National Association of Local Government Officers holiday camp in Cayton.

A family play together in the sea with a beach ball and model boat. A young toddler splashes in the water and is lifted from a wooden post by her parents. A family play on a lilo and in the background a fisherman rows past in a wooden boat. On the beach, a group of children watch a Punch and Judy show. It is a windy day and the men wear suits while the women wear long flowing dresses that blow in the breeze. Some children build a giant sandcastle and a family sit in a circle of deck chairs while father blows up balloons.