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Abolition and Anti-slavery Movements in Leeds
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'Am I Not a Man and a Brother' Token

A circular anti-slavery token, like a coin or a medal, with image of a kneeling African enslaved person in chains, and the slogan ‘Am I not a man and brother?’ The kneeling enslaved person is the enduring image of the abolitionist movement, made into porcelain medallions by Wedgewood, minted into metal coins like this one and printed on abolitionist propaganda material. 

Is this one of the first campaigning logos?

How does it make you feel?

Is this an empowering or a reductive image?

What evidence is there for your decision?

On the reverse there is an image of two hands grasped in a handshake. Around the rim, the text reads, ‘May Slavery and oppression cease throughout the world’.

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