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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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Did anyone else in your family go to sea? Terry Thresh 3

Terry Thresh 3
Did anybody else in your family go to sea?
Yes there were. My older brother did. They were the reason I went to sea actually. Because he went to sea when he was 16 and I was two years later and by that time things were very poor on Hessle Road. People did not have a lot of money and contrary to what some people say money in the fishing industry was not bad. It was probably at the time twice the amount a shore worker earned at the time so it was ok and to see him with this amount of money and cigerattes to burn almost I thought I really to be a part of this, I thought, I want to be a part of this cash and that's the reason I went to sea. I hated it I might tell you. Hated it completely for a whole year. I was sea sick. I hated the living standards. I hated everything about it really. But I was too proud to leave. And of course after th year I was hooked and became very exciting and became a very good opportunity to earn money and have a better lifestyle. Two more brothers went ot sea after me. So there were four of us. I think its significant that all four of us were skippers at the same time in the port of Hull at the same time.