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The Story of one Egyptian Shabti
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Egyptian Shabti: Amelia's Story

The stories of Amelia and Aquila and have been created by a scriptwriter and actors. They are based on real people, objects and events and the factual evidence we have about them. Because we can’t know exactly what was said and done at the time, the dialogue has been fictionalised. 


Amelia Edwards – Sarah Naughton

Reverend Aquila Dodgson – Luke Dickson

Co-Director - Deborah Pakkar-Hull

Filmmaker and Co-Director – Rhys Aaron Lewis

Writer – Mary Cooper

Sound Design and Music – Gerry Smith

Costume and Set - Hannah Sibai

Stills Photography and Sound Technician – Valeria Luongo

Producer – Ben Rothera

Film © The Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah