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George ‘Bertie’ Robinson from St. Vincent
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Extract from 5th Earl of Harewood’s Diary 1922

The entry on Tuesday 18 July 1922 reads:

'H of L. (House of Lords?). Resolution of reform of H o L. (......) Police came for Bertie. He after denying, confessed to having stolen the £50. I gave him 48 hours(?) to clear out of the country. I told him if he were found after that in England, he would be taken up [i.e. arrested]. He told a great many lies, but said he was 'sorry it had happened'. He told the inspector he found it on the floor (?) to me this was a lie and then said he found it on the table. Of course it was in the table. It was also in a brand new note-case which I had never used. He says he knows nothing of that, but I put the note in it on the 13th June May, and before I went to Longstock. On the 16th May it was back at the B. of E (Bank of England)'.

Image © Harewood House Trust. Letter extracts reproduced by permission of the Earl and Countess of Harewood.