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George ‘Bertie’ Robinson from St. Vincent
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Extract from a letter written by Lady Wenlock

Extract of a typed letter from Lady Wenlock In the letter, Lady Wenlock expresses racist views about inter-racial relationships and uses terminology that we recognise as offensive today. The extract reads;

"I also read that book you sent me. As you say there is sentimentality that is sweet to the degree [sic] of sickliness. But I found it absorbing. Even the Author apparently convinced of the equality of race can not bring herself to let the mixture happen a second time. I feel very strongly [sic] against any intermarrying of different coloured races. The thought of any Negro intermixture is simply disgusting”.


Image © Hull History Centre. Letter extracts reproduced with permission of the Forbes Adam family. Catalogue references: Letter, 29 Apr 1924 (U DDFA3/6/1/207).