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Discovering Children's Books
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Front Cover of 'Nimesh the Adventurer' Book

Every day Nimesh uses his imagination to turn the walk between school and home into an exciting journey, making up stories in which he explores all sorts of wonderful places.

Both the author and illustrator drew on their own childhoods when they worked on this book. The author Ranjit Singh says he used his memories of playing similar games to write the story. The illustrator Mehrdokht Amini remembers imagining a magical land beyond the mountains she could see from her childhood home in Iran. She dedicates this book to ‘the little ones with big imaginations’.

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'Nimesh the Adventurer' (Lantana Publishing, 2018). Text © Ranjit Singh, 2018.

Illustration © Mehrdokht Amini, 2018.

This resource is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

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