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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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How did you process the fish? Terry Thresh 4

How did you proccess the fish?
In the early days of course they were gutted on board, washed and put into ice on board the ship. Don't know whether you have been around the Artic Corsair but that's what happended in the early days when I went to sea. But subsequent to that we got freezer trawlers to where we used to actually freeze the fish, gutted it just the same and froze it in blocks of fish, packed together in 120lb blocks of frozen fish. And later than that we used to fillet the fish at sea so the fish were filletted after being gutted and headed, and those fillets were packed into polythene. Those shatter packs as they were called then because when you banged them on the gorund the polythene came apart and all the fillets came out and they go straight to the fish shop even to this day. That's how the fish goes and its frozen at sea. By-and-large there are not many fish shops in the whole of the country I might add, where you can't go to and get good fish and chips because its frozen at sea and very fresh.