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Leeds West Indian Carnival
Credit for audio clip: Sonic City

Hughbon talks about rivalry and secrecy in making costumes

(Recording credit: Sonic City)
I mean the whole idea of making costumes is often done on a competitive basis and therefore everyone tends to be very secretive about, you know, what it is that they are designing. You know, I know in the past, you know,  I would be working in my in my Mum's garage when I lived at home and, you know, if I hear that someone's coming to visit then I sat, maybe the garage will be down, you know, and I’m making sure that they don’t come, you know, to see what I was doing. And I think that tradition has stayed, you know,  with Leeds Carnival and I think maybe Carnival in general because everyone likes to have that kind of impact, you know,  on the day in terms of surprise element and make sure that, you know, your competition hasn't seen your design and therefore redesigned to ensure that, you know, they can they can do better than yours.