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M&S Birth of a Brand - Campaign Case Study - 125 Anniversary
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M&S 125 Anniversary Advertising Film

Narrated by Twiggy

It all started here

Man: You alright Twigs?

1884, a couple of blokes set up their stall with a few bits and bobs and the vision to change the lives of us ordinary Brits forever.

They brought us a taste of the exotic.

Did I say taste?

Housewives were liberated

With curry in a hurry,

And the marvel of drip-dry.

I had one a bit like that!

Ooo now that’s clever.

Then suits you could tumble dry.

We girls got properly fitted in the boob department.

They brought in sell-by dates on perishables,


No one goes further to bring you the best possible food for the fairest possible price.

They’ve changed the way we eat,

They’ve changed the way we dress,

And they’re changing the way we treat our planet.

Not bad for a Penny Bazaar