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Leeds West Indian Carnival
Credit for audio clip: Sonic City

Shackeen talks about J'ouvert morning

(Recording credit: Sonic City)
This year I was at Carnival and to watch all my friends on the stage and then I knew they were  all gonna be there, yeah and the dances that they did was good.  And then at Jouvert morning I came in my pyjamas and it was spotty and there was nice music there and everyone was jammin', yeah and then no one's going to say anything about what you wear yeah because it's all about wearing your pyjamas and expressing yourself.  Everyone had a good time.  
What time of the morning was it when you started? 
I think about six, five ish.  
And what time did you have to get up to get there for five past six?
I woke up half five. 
All by yourself? 
With my mum.
And tell me a bit more about the music, this jamming, it sounds fantastic
Just Soca music and my type of music Miss.
And what did you do after Jouvert morning?  
I went home then I came back, when it started.
What did you do at carnival day?  
When I finish watch all everyone performing I went off to have something to eat and then I went on the rides.