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Family Life in the 1950s
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Street Scenes from 1950s Hull

This video shows street scenes in Hull from 1950. It begins with children playing a variety of games in the street, including British Bull Dog and wrestling. There are also shots of children playing hopscotch, pavement chalking, blind man's bluff, ring-a-ring-a-roses and swapping cigarette cards (collectable picture cards that came with packs of cigarettes).

Note: This is original 1950s footage and the visual quality of the film reflects that.

Note: There is no audio on this film.

Film © Yorkshire Film Archive



Three young boys play in a doorway with a wooden fort. Girls of all ages skip with a long, knotted rope in the middle of the road, while two boys who are dressed for cold weather watch from the pavement. Behind the terraced houses there is washing hanging out to dry and the children play with a dog. A young girl plays with a Hula Hoop.