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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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What did 'Big Lil' look like? Mary Denness 3

What did 'Big Lil' look like?
Well, Lil was quite a large lady, like I am now, but I’m not quite as large as Lil was then. But she had a beautiful face very attractive and she had a personality which matched her and she was charismatic- she was bubbly, she was the sort of person you’d like to see on television, like a celebrity now. She drew you to her, because she was that sort of person. So of course the newspapers caught on to the fact that there was this lovely large bubbly lady with a lovely face and the headscarf and of course the newspapers used this. So she got named by the press 'Big Lil' and it stuck.
What was Big Lil like?
Big Lil spoke her mind and she didn’t mince her words. She appeared very tough, but deep down was very warm hearted lady and with the other members of the deputation, the three of us she was very sweet to us. The only thing I regret about the whole thing is that she got a very bad press. All she was trying to do was get her opinion across and when you’re trying to tell someone how you feel and you’re caught up with the anger of it all it sometimes comes out as bossy and rude- she wasn’t at all, she was a very, very sweet lady.