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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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What was the biggest fish you caught? Jim Williams 4

What was the biggest fish you caught?
That’s the biggest cod I’ve had (holdong arms wide apart). But big fish. You want to talk about a really big fish? Halibut. It’s many, many years since I’ve seen them. But just to give you an example, eight, ten, and 12 stone. Well, that’s more than what I weigh. I have landed up to 28 stone. As much as two heavy men weigh. But the record, and this could be interesting for you. I don’t know whether you want to write it down or not, but the record for a halibut to be landed in Hull. How much do you reckon? 40 stone? You’re getting on that way. The biggest one was 52 stone! That is the weight of four men. It would be that thick. That thick, and measure from that wall up to here. That is a one off, though. 52, that’s three large men, isn’t it?