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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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Where did you work and what did you do as a radio operator? Mike Allison 4

Where did you work and what did you do as a radio operator?
I was always on the bridge with the skipper. That was my place. When the livers are out the cod the crew used to basket them and the radio operator used to drag it along the deck to the boilers to boil the livers. That was one job. Most of the time was spent in the radio room getting the weather forecasts what we call the skeds, picking up information where we could, listening for ships. One may be talking to another, he's on fish. It was my job to take the information, as much as I could, don't say nothing and only give it to the Captain in the hope we could go to more fish than we were on. You're working day was as long as he wanted you for. If the skipper worked from six in the morning to two in the afternoon that suited me fine. When he went to bed at two I could have a nap. It didn't happen very often. Beacause the skipper was up there most of the day.