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Local Heroes: Hull's Trawlermen
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Where you ever frightened? Terry Thresh 2

Where you ever frightened?
Yes, like Bob many times. It's being apprehensive more then scared. There was on particular time when I was quite scared because the ship was nearly lost and would have been lost but for a very fortunate occurrence that we were on our way in to the Tyne, North Shields for fuel on our way back coming for sea and the ship was slightly unstable because she did not have much fuel on board and not much fish. There was a strong south east gale in the North Sea. As we were going in to the Tyne the ship laid over, took heavy water almost on its side and then righted itself and then went over again and I thought she was going to capsize but at that point we were going through the harbour entrance, completley out of control, been swept in as it were and as we got through in to the calm water she slowly righted herself and stayed with a big list. And at that particular point, yes, I must have bee scared becuase for all intense of purposes had we not got in to the harbour at that point the ship we would have capsized just as the Artic Viking did sometime just before or just after.
How many fish did you catch?
Well, if I could tell you in 1967 my ship caught 138,000 kit of fish. That's 10 stone kits of fish. But that was for the year. That was significant and the reason I remember that figure is I looked it up last night and because I won the challenge shield for that year, and that was the amount of fish landed from my ship. But that was the top ship out the port. So I suppose anywhere from 115,000 kits t 138,000 to 140,000 kits was the range of the trawlers. An annual catch.