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Mummification Step by Step

Guardians of the Internal Organs

Canopic Jars

The mummified person's internal organs were dried out and stored in canopic jars. These jars were placed in a canopic chest in the burial chamber.

There were four canopic jars and each had a different stopper or lid depicting:

  1. Imsety: a person’s head guarded the liver
  2. Qebhesneuf: a falcon watched over the intestines
  3. Hapy: a baboon protected the lungs
  4. Duamutef: a jackal looked after the stomach

Two Canopic Jar Stoppers Depicting a Human Head and a Falcon's Head
Two Canopic Jar Stoppers

These were the four sons of Horus. Horus was the ancient Egyptian God of the sky and the protecter of the Pharaoh. He was usually depicted as a falcon or a man with a falcon's head.  Play the Canopic Jar interactive powerpoint quiz.