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Teachers' Notes

Amazing Accrington resources were commissioned by Hyndburn Borough Council, using funding from the Heritage Lottery.

Resource created by The Heritage Connection.

These resources (films, images and downloads) tell the story of the growth and legacy of Accrington’s textile industry, including the key figures and inventions which helped to build the town’s global reputation up until the 1960s. Children also find out about changes to Accrington’s town centre within living memory. Note: since the film was completed, the town centre has changed even further, providing an opportunity for a field trip to make direct observations on the pace and scale of change.

Film 1: Amazing Accrington:  A 6 minute film with subtitles, stopping points and questions to prompt class discussion, group or individual activities. Click here to access Film 1 on the MyLearning YouTube channel.

Film 2: Accrington Town Square: This 2 minute film, with subtitles, begins where Film 1 ends, with the architects’ vision of how the new Accrington Town Square could look. It then shows the finished Town Square being used by residents and visitors at events including a chocolate factory and the opening ceremony in November 1918. It includes close ups of the new benches featuring different aspects of Accrington’s heritage. Click here to access Film 2 on the MyLearning YouTube channel.

Film 3: Battle’s Over: A 2.5 minute film focussing on how the Accrington Pals heritage is reflected in the new Town Square and nearby streets. It includes footage of the centenary memorial ceremony at Oak Hill Park. Click here to access Film 3 on the MyLearning YouTube channel.

Curriculum Links

  • KS1 History: Significant events, people and places in their own locality; similarities and differences between ways of life in different time periods – changes in working life and landscape.
  • KS1& KS2 Art & Design: Great artists, craft makers and designers; the historical and cultural development of their art forms; create sketch books; draw from observation; improve mastery of design techniques.   

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of the factors which have brought about change within Accrington’s landscape, built environment and economy.
  • Understanding  of the impact on landscape and economy of one developing industry (weaving); of the scale and pace of change within living memory
  • Skills Direct observation through field trips and use a range of online resources to ask questions, interpret findings and identify significant features.

Discussion and Activity Ideas

For an extensive range of discussion and activity ideas, please download the Teachers' Planning Document 

Film: Amazing Accrington - a 6 minute film with subtitles, stopping points and questions to prompt class discussion, group or individual activities – mp4

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