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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by the Royal Armouries

This resource looks in detail at one of only six anglo-saxon helmets fromthe 7th and 8th centuries known to have been found in England, and explores the symbolism in its design and decoration.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History:  Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots:
    • Anglo-Saxon art and culture
    • Christian conversion


Learning Objectives

  • Pupils will understand the role of warriors in Anglo-Saxon society
  • Pupils will understand the role of religion in the lives of Anlgo-Saxon persons
  • Pupils will understand that persons changed religion in Anglo-Saxon times and how we know that this happened
  • Pupils will learn the significance of original objects when learning about history

Activity Ideas

  • Art and Design- create helmets either by drawing or by using various materials. Pupils can use the boar crest or create their own, using the task as a springboard for other tasks (english activities, for instance).  
  • English- Afterlife suitcase. Pupils pick just a few items to take to the afterlife. They have to be important, useful and represent themselves.
  • English- Write a poem/saga about a heroic adventure, including monsters, heroes, trials and some incredible weaponry and armour. This could be from any point of view and even performed once complete.
  • English- Write a newspaper article about the discovery of the Pioneer Helmet.
  • Art, Design and English- Turn Beowulf into a comic book. As the story of Beowulf has changed over the years, a level of creative licence would be a great way of increasing pupils' creative confidence.