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Teachers Notes

This resource draws upon original primary sources from The Wiener Holocaust Library’s archive to give an overview of the Holocaust and challenge common misconceptions.

The Wiener Holocaust Library is the world’s oldest archive of material on the Nazi era and The Holocaust.

All sources are courtesy of The Wiener Holocaust Library (unless otherwise specified) and can be reproduced for educational purposes only. The Wiener Holocaust Library should be acknowledged in all reproductions.

Curriculum Links

  • KS4 History: Nazi Germany | The Holocaust

    Prior knowledge assumed: some knowledge of the nature of Nazi beliefs, antisemitism and awareness of the main features of Nazi rule. Knowledge of the context and development of the Second World War.

    The aim of this learning story is to use contemporary source material and maps to understand the key features of the Holocaust:
    - what was the Holocaust?
    - when did it occur?
    - where did it occur?
    - who were the victims of the Holocaust?
    - who were the perpetrators of the Holocaust?


Activity Ideas

Specific suggested tasks/questions about each source can be found throughout the learning story. In addition you can:

Students could be given a few moments to write up their answers to the questions, one by one, and then the whole class could discuss. Or all of the questions could be initially discussed by the whole group, led by the teacher.