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Introduction and Example Tasks

The Holocaust in Camps

The Nazis had an extensive network of camps across Europe. In August 1942, experiments started at Auschwitz with the use of gas to murder people. By 1942, mass murder of Jews by gas was being carried out at Auschwitz and other extermination camps, such as Sobibór, Che┼émno and Treblinka. In camps which were also labour camps, such as Auschwitz, some Jews were selected to be used as enslaved labourers.

Look at the map below.  

12.   Where were the extermination camps situated? Were they in the main part of Germany?

Map Showing Major Nazi Camps 1943-44
Map Showing Major Nazi Camps 1943-44


13.   Find the names Augusta Spitz and Therese Steiner on the list below.

List of People Deported to Auschwitz 1942
List of People Deported to Auschwitz 1942

Spitz and Steiner were two Austrian Jewish women who lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands were occupied by Germany during the Second World War. Spitz and Steiner were arrested in Guernsey and deported to France, and then to Auschwitz.

Jews from across Europe were transported by train to the extermination camps. The document above is a list of those deported to Auschwitz from a camp, Drancy in France, which arrived in Auschwitz on 23 July 1942. Spitz and Steiner were murdered in Auschwitz.