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A Diarist and Traveller

Anne's Marriage and Further Travels

After the deaths of her Aunt and Father in 1836 she put her focus on managing and improving Shibden Hall and Estate, leaving behind a great number of changes and developments which can still be seen by visitors today. She was influenced with the Gothic fashion of the time.

Anne Lister’s Gothic Tower at Shibden Hall
Shibden Hall, Halifax

In 1839 Anne once again wanted to travel but his time with her partner Ann Walker, a neighbouring heiress who had moved in with her at Shibden in 1834. They had a ‘marriage’ ceremony in York and in their eyes were husband and wife.

The couple set off in June 1839 on a two-year trip. Anne and Ann travelled to Belgium, Germany, Copenhagen, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia into Astrakhan (now Georgia). However, Anne Lister tragically died from a tick bite in Koutais, Georgia on 22 September 1840. Ann Walker was left to travel back to Shibden accompanying Anne's body which was laid to rest at Halifax Parish Church, now Halifax Minster on 29 April 1841.

Ann Walker was left Shibden Hall and the Estate but was removed by her brother-in-law. She died at her family home of Cliffe Hill in 1854.

Anne Lister’s Funeral Hatchment at Shibden Hall
Anne Lister’s Funeral Hatchment at Shibden Hall