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Teachers' Notes

This resource was created by The Royal Armouries.


Curriclulum Links

  • KS3 History: Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901


Discussion and Activity Ideas

  • There are 3 clear tactics displayed on this model, the ‘Thin Red Line’ (thin line of troops holding against the enemy, usually associated with the British), the ‘Column’ (4 men at the front with as many ranks behind as possible, favoured by Napoleon) and the ‘square’ (men formed in a square facing outwards) formations. Pupils can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these formations and could even debate which formation is the most effective.
    • Pupils could physically recreate these formations to get a clear idea of what it might have been like to form and hold one during battle.
  • Pupils could research the soldier's weapons and uniforms and make and hand paint a scale figure like those on the model with the correct colours for the regimental uniforms.  Models could be designed using 3D modelling software and then 3D printed.
  • What do you think the conditions were like during this battle?
    • Consider all five of the senses and write a descriptive paragraph, for example "I see....., I hear...., I smell.... etc"