What did the Preston Station Free Buffet do?

During World War One, wounded soldiers and sailors started coming back to Britain. They often passed through Preston Station on their way home. 
The soldiers’ journeys to and from war were often long and tiring. Some people in Lancashire thought that the soldiers and sailors travelling through might be hungry and thirsty. They decided to try to help. 
A group of Wrens in Uniform on a Preston Station Platform
The Harris Museum & Art Gallery holds many objects that show how the people of Preston helped the returning soldiers and sailors. Can you work out the different ways in which the people of Preston helped the returning soldiers by looking at the photographs below?
WW1 Preston Buffet Mug
Sleeping Accommodation at Preston Station during WW1
Paper Flags Sold to Raise Money in WW1



Buffet - A meal where people serve themselves at different times or a serving counter on a train or at a station
Origins - How something started