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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Heritage Learning, Hull, Dales Countryside Museum, North Yorkshire County Record Office, The Peace Museum, Bradford, Ryedale Folk Museum and North Lincolnshire Museum.

Discover how the people of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have campaigned for change and made a difference locally, nationally and internationally. From members of the public to Members of Parliament, let remarkable people from our region's history inspire you to make a change. 


Curriculum Links

  • KS1 History: the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.
  • KS2/KS3 Citizenship, History, Literacy, Local Studies
    This cross-curricular programme uses historical campaigns to inspire and teach campaign skills, enabling children and young people to run their own campaigns about issues that affect them today.


Discussion Ideas

Ryedale Folk Museum:

  • Which three objects that you use every day would you choose to preserve in a museum and why?
  • Why might Wilfred, Bert and Raymond have thought it was important to remember how people lived in the past?
  • Think about ways in which life has changed for ordinary people in the past 100 years. What objects could you pick out to represent these changes, (eg. a typewriter, as we now use computers or a telegram, as we can now use text messages)? 

Women of Hessle Road, Hull:

  • Why do you think Lillian and the other women decided to speak out about the trawler safety issues?
  • For what reasons might 'the Headscarf Campaign' have been so effective?
  • Why might the women have got more attention than official groups?
  • Can you think of any other campaigns where people have used picketing?

Save Farndale Daffodils:

  • Why do you think local people felt so strongly about the reservoir plan?
  • What do you think Farndale would have lost if the daffodils had been destroyed?
  • Why is it important to look after places of natural beauty?
  • Why do you think the campaign worked so well?


Activity Idea

  • Create your own campaign
    Think of a local place that is important to you. Imagine that this place could be destroyed because there are plans to build something there. Think about how you would try to stop it:
    - What sort of evidence and facts would you look for?
    - How would you let people know about the campaign?
    - What would you tell people to show them the place is worth saving?
    - What groups or individuals would you ask to help you?
    - Design a poster or badge for your campaign.