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Abolition Activists in the Yorkshire Dales

Peace Campaigners in Yorkshire - Isabella Ford

People in Yorkshire have been campaigning for peace and justice for a long time. The Peace Museum explores the events and history of people and organisations that have worked to promote peace, non-violence and conflict resolution.

Isabella Ford: The greatest woman in the peace history of Leeds

Brought up in a liberal Quaker family in Adel, near Leeds, Isabella Ford (1855-1924) was an early member of the left-wing Fabian Society and helped to form the Independent Labour Party in Leeds. 

She also supported Leeds tailoring (sewing) women, helping to form a Machinists' Society, the Leeds Tailoresses' Union and the Leeds Women's Suffrage Society. She became famous across the country due to her work for the Labour Party and suffrage movement.

Black and white photo of Isabella Ford, Leeds-based anti-war campaigner
Isabella Ford, Anti-War Campaigner
Isabella Ford was passionately opposed to war.
As the First World War approached in 1914, she helped to run a London peace demonstration. Most suffrage campaigners backed the 1914-1918 war, but Isabella took a stand against it. She wanted women's groups to urge a cease-fire and a negotiated peace. On the world stage as well as a local campaigner, she was a delegate to the Women's International League Congress.