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Historic riots in Leeds

Fascinating Facts

1.     Here are some of the penalties for crimes, listed by Leeds police in 1923.

  • Knocking at or ringing bell wantonly. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Obstructing footway or highway. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Carpets – shaking in streets after 8am. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Hoops rolling on footpath. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Flowerpots –in upper windows not sufficiently guarded. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Kites flying in street. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Lamps wilfully extinguishing. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Stones – throwing in street. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Firearms discharging in the street. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Indecently exposing person. Fine 40 shillings.
  • Chalking or painting on roadway or footpath (Bylaw of 1908). Fine £5.
  • Hoisting without proper tackle (Leeds Corporation (Consolidation) Act 1905 section 209). Fine £5 and 40 shillings each day.

2.     Pick pocketing used  to  be  a  capital  offence. The death penalty for pickpockets was ended in 1808.

3.     The Leeds City Police force joined with other local police in 1974 to form the West Yorkshire Police.

4.     There are now over 5671 police officers in West Yorkshire Police. Approximately 32% are women and 52% are men.

5.     Leeds Town Hall had its own courtroom with cells for holding prisoners below in the basement.  These cells were last used in 1993. Find out more here.

6.     The last execution at Armley was in 1961. The Death Penalty was abolished in the UK in 1965.

7.     Some crimes still carry the death sentence in some countries, including some parts of America.