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The Grand Theatre

Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde park picture house was first opened in 1914 during the First World War. The first film to be shown was called Their Only Son, which was classed as a patriotic film. What do you think that means and why do you think that was the first film shown at the time?

As going to the cinema became more popular and affordable for people, Hyde Park Picture House became more and more successful. During the war going to the cinema was vital for keeping up with the news and watching war footage as well as watching films for pleasure. The cinema kept going whilst others were closed due to competition from TV, video, DVDs and multiplex cinema chains. In 1989 it was threatened with closure but was saved by Leeds City Council. It was taken over by the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd who also run the Grand Theatre and the City Varieties. It is still going strong today and is well known for showing mainstream, classic and art house films. The building itself and the lamps outside the building are Grade II listed. Listing a building means that the building has special historical or architectural features. There will be extra control over what changes can be made to a listed building's interior and exterior. This is so that it is protected for people in the future to enjoy.