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Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s

Growing up in the 1970s

The Silver 70s was an exhibition at Leeds City Museum in 2012. The following films were created as part of the exhibition and focus on growing in the 1970s.

Terry’s story:

Terry talks about children’s TV programmes (Banana Splits, Arabian Nights, Double Deckers and Clangers and Magic Roundabout), fashion (1.40 onwards) and his 1970s experiences. Health warning: At 2.42, Terry’s Grandma says something that might not be suitable for young ears! Please listen before playing it in the classroom!  Watch Terry's story here.


Debbie’s story:

Debbie talks about roller skates with four wheels, pretending her space hopper was a pony, her fascination with Black Beauty, Sunday teatime rituals and 1970s children’s TV (Cat Weasel, Worzel Gummage).  Watch Debbie's story here.


1970s TV and Toys

Winifred Scott (Fiona Nelson), Marcia Hylton, Yvonne Hylton Yvonne Thomas and Bernadette Wilson, share their memories of Batman, Spirographs and making dolls houses from matchboxes. Watch the film here.


Leeds West Indian Carnival

The West Indian Carnival began in 1964, and it was an increasingly large part of growing up in Chapeltown during the 1970s. J’Ouvert Morning is the traditional early morning mini-procession that starts Carnival Day. Jouvert is French patois for 'day break'. Its origins coincide with the emancipation from slavery in the British West Indies in 1838 which provided Africans with the opportunity, to not only participate in Carnival, but to embrace it as an expression of their newfound freedom.

Colour photograph showing a young woman dressed in a pink carnival costume
Leeds West Indian Carnival Participant

J’ouvert is also known as ‘pyjama jamming’ and often people wear pyjamas, nighties, onesies and fancy dress. Children now still get up early and go out in their PJs for the start of the party. For more information, see the Supporting Links. Later in the day there is also the crowning of the Carnival Prince and Princess.