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Blaydes House

Maister House

160 High Street was the home of the influential Hull merchant family, the Maisters.  The house we see today has changed considerably as the original house was dramatically damaged by fire on 13 April 1743.  The fire spread quickly due to the beautiful wooden central staircase, killing Henry Maister's wife, infant son and two maidservants. When the house was rebuilt in 1744, the new staircase was built from stone to prevent another tragedy of this nature.


Entranceway of a house showing steps up to a grand front door.  Either side are large sash windows.
Maister House in Hull

The Maister family settled in Hull, from Kent in the 16th century and were involved closely with the mercantile development of Hull.  The house is now owned by the National Trust and is currently used as offices.  Access to the ornate stone staircase can be gained by ringing the bell.

Stone staircase with beautiful wrought iron balustrade in the shape of flowers and other designs.
The Staircase in the Maister House, Hull