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Case study: Albert Taylor

Leeds Industrial School for Boys

The Leeds Industrial School for Boys was opened in 1879, on Shadwell Lane, with accommodation for 180 boys.

The school taught carpentry, shoe-making and tailoring. Boys were also employed in the garden, the laundry or with housework. Later on, cabinet making was also offered, and animals were kept by the school. The school also had a brass band of twenty performers. As the years went by, the school became slightly more relaxed. The school would usually have a day out in Scarborough once a year, and the boys were encouraged to play football and cricket. 

A group of boys with their brass instruments and two drums.  They are wearing uniforms with caps and a sash.
Leeds Boys Reformatory School Band

The school was open until 1933, after which it became an Approved School and was closed for good in 1984. The buildings are now used as residential flats.