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Carnival and Street Festival Music


The Committee

There are a lot of people involved in getting the parade on the road. Planning will often start the day after the event the previous year. The Carnival has a committee, a group of committed people, to make the key decision and get things moving, usually all volunteers. The Committee will meet regularly and more frequently as the big day approaches. They are in charge of all aspects of the festival from health and safety and parade routes to the stall holders who often attend these events and balancing the event budget.

Representatives of local schools and local organisations may also attend the meetings. Many individuals devote years of their life to building up a good annual event. Arthur France and Ian Charles are famous worldwide for their championing of the Leeds West Indian Carnival.


The Costs

The Carnival has a lot of associated costs. From 2008 the Police have charged for closing roads and patrolling the events. This is around £1000 for the West Indian Carnival.

Costs also include printing the fliers and brochures, insurance, facilities such as the port-a-loos and the St John’s Ambulance. The Carnival has to raise funds, often through sponsorship, to help cover their costs.