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What is Plan A?

Fair Trade Helping Farmers

Some of the M&S Plan A commitments focus on fair trading. The Company's ethos is:

'We’re only as strong as the communities in which we trade, so it makes good sense for us to be a fair partner – paying a fair price to suppliers, supporting local communities and ensuring good working conditions for everyone involved in our supply chains'. M&S Plan A 2012.

Basically, Fairtrade helps small-scale farmers in developing countries to invest in their communities, by guaranteeing them a fair and stable price for their goods. They also receive a Fairtrade Premium for investing in community development projects.
Fair Trade cotton being picked
Picking Fair Trade Cotton


Ethos - basic values, spirit or attitude of a particular group, company or movement.
Principles - laws or rules that must be, or are usually, followed
Ethical - conforming to principles of right and wrong; morally correct
Fairtrade Premium -  money paid to farmers on top of the agreed Fairtrade to be invested in community development projects