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Forever Fish - Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

The Forever Fish campaign was launched in 2011 to help people learn more about fish, clean our British beaches and protect UK marine life. To achieve this, M&S pledged to: 

  • Set-up and run School of Fish, an education resource to inspire school pupils to learn more about protecting the future of fish
  • Encourage as many M&S customers and employees as possible to help the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) clean over 400 British beaches, twice a year, in the Great British Beach Clean
  • Invest over £1 million in WWF projects that help manage UK fish stocks, such as cod, and protect important species like dolphins and turtles
  • Help people make healthy and sustainable choices by promoting high quality, sustainably-sourced fish and introducing other species such as Dab and Flounder.

Fishermen working on a boat at sea
Fishermen at Sea

Forever Fish is funded by the profits from the M&S 5p food carrier bag charge.


  able to be continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment
Conservation - careful management of the environment and natural resources
Nutrition - obtaining the food necessary for health and growth