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A Snapshot of M&S Food Through Time

KS2 Mini Food Topic

Using the PPT file available in the Resources section, ask pupils to find the most important innovation/change in M&S food production over the years and do a mini topic on it.  For example, they could choose self-service food or fresh chicken, then do some further research, produce an information leaflet, make a poster/newspaper advert to advertise the product, plan and record a TV advert etc.

Further ideas for a Mini Food Topic for KS2:

  • Research sandwich fillings. Pupils could carry our research as homework – which different shops stock sandwiches and what type - then present their findings in graphs and charts.
  • Research favourite fillings in class/school – present in bar charts.
  • Research what type of sandwich pupils in school would like (or families at home) send out questionnaires about favourite ingredients, assess the data, then plan a new menu of sandwiches for M&S.

    Each group could then make their new sandwich, carry out a taste test and record the results. The overall winning sandwich could be made for a class picnic!
  • Maths - produce a costing sheet showing how much the ingredients cost and how much each sandwich would cost to make. Decide on appropriate pricing.
  • Alternatively, pupils could present sandwiches to a tasting panel, with the class awarding marks for different categories –taste, smell, appearance, value for money, etc.
  • Design and Technology – plan and design innovative packaging for the sandwich. Can pupils design a packet where people don’t have to touch the food with their hands? Or a packet which stays chilled/has separate sauce compartments etc?
  • Science - look at the 'date label infographic' (see related links below) then investigate how well different types of food keep under certain conditions. Set up experiments for storing fresh food in the right conditions to keep bacteria/mould away.