Mary Seacole Interactive

Mary Seacole Drawn Before the Crimean War

There are three games and an interactive glossary, each one narrated by Mary Seacole. 

The games are:

Meet Mary Seacole: an introduction to Mary Seacole

Herbal Remedy Matching Game: pupils select picture cards so that illustrations relating to Mary Seacole and herbal remedies are correctly paired up

Make a Medicine: correctly match medicine and equipment to treat patients with a variety of complaints


Screenshot from Mary Seacole Interactive Game

Play the interactive here.


Throughout these resources students will be introduced to new words. You can also download a hand-out version of the glossary from the Resources page.


Crimean War Map


Aloe vera -The leaves of an aloe plant contain a special gel that is soothing to the skin 

The Crimea - A country that is now called Ukraine 

Crimean War - A war in the Crimea from 1854-56

Dangerous - Could cause you harm, hurt or injury

Diarrhoea - Runny poo 

Doctress - A woman who heals the sick using traditional and herbal remedies

Famous - Someone who is very well known

Fever - An illness that makes you feel hot, sweaty and cold 

Ginger - The thick root of a plant that is used to make a spice. The spice can be made by drying and grinding ginger root

Gunshot - A shot fired from a gun

Ingredients - Things that you need to make a mixture

Injury - A cut or wound on your body 

Lemongrass - A plant that grows in hot countries and is often used in cooking or medicine

Mortar and pestle - A bowl for grinding and a mixer

Patients - People who are not well

Soldiers - People who work in the army

Treat - To look after someone who is not well

Wound - To hurt by cutting or breaking your skin, or to hurt someone's feelings