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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by York Museums Trust.


This resource, suitable for Key Stages 1 to 3, aims to develop knowledge and understanding of invertebrates and will support learning about invertebrates and their relationship to the environment.


Curriculum Links

The resource covers the following areas of the Science curriculum:
  • KS1 Science - Identifying Plants and animals in their habitats
  • KS2 Science - Living things and their habitats; Life cycles; Evolution and inheritance - adaptation
  • KS3 Science - Relationships in an eco-system; Variations between species


Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of different types of invertebrate and variations between species
  • Understanding of how insects have adapted to their environments
  • Skills to identify and classify types of insect

Activity Ideas

Interactive PowerPoints: 



Invertebrates at York Museums Trust

York Museums Trust has a large collection of invertebrates. For more information about the entomology collections see: Why do Museums have a minibeast collection?