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The My Culture Quest online interactive game opens up the world of museums and galleries, giving you the opportunity to explore objects from many different countries. Answer questions correctly in order to create your own exhibition.

On the adventure you are aided by one of the mini museum guides - choose from the language expert Manaza, the very intelligent Ravi or the navigator Suzi. 

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Points awarded depend on collecting similar objects from different cultures, objects with the same theme (conflict, religion, celebrations) and the number of objects. This scoring system encourages you to think about themes that affect both your community and other communities around the world. It will also show you how all cultures around the world, including your own, can be linked in a variety of different ways.

Once you have finished collecting objects they will be arranged into an exhibition. You will then be given a score based on the success of the exhibition.

You can also play an off-line version of My Culture Quest with the My Culture Quest card game.

You can see the real works of art featured in this story by visiting the galleries of Museums Sheffield and Bradford's Cartwright Hall.