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Czech Republic

Green Paradiso by Peter Layton

Peter Layton was born in Prague and brought up in England. He studied ceramics at the Central School of Art and Design in London and went on to teach at the University of Iowa. It was there that he discovered glassblowing. Although he is self-taught, he is now one of the most celebrated artists working with glass. In 1976 he opened the London Glassblowing Workshop, where visitors can watch demonstrations and even take classes in glassblowing. 

Layton is a regular beachcomber and he often takes his inspiration from nature. He likes to experiment with controlling colour, form and texture, whilst also letting the fluidity of the glass contribute its own distinctive characteristics.

The glass is free blown and shaped using handheld tools, rather than with machinery.

This ensures that each piece is unique and Layton signs them as you would a painting.

'Green Paradiso' by Peter Layton, 2006

“Green Paradiso” (2006) is from his recent Paradiso range. It took months of experimentation to achieve the warm, vibrant colours and they are intended to evoke paradise. 

This vase is part of Bradford Museums, Galleries and Heritage's collections.