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Myth, Legend or Ghost Story?

More Stories of Hauntings

Here are some more favourite Leeds ghost stories. Do you know any others?:

Kirkstall Abbey
The former Abbot of the abbey walks the area that has been converted into a museum. Apparently it is more usual to hear the spirit moving around than see him.


Central Leeds
The Gabble Retchets are local devil dogs who are thought to be the souls of people who weren't baptised as children.


Carnegie College, Leeds Metropolitan University
According to legend, a man killed himself at Carnegie College when he realised that his mistress would never love him. He still haunts the staircase where his body was found.


City Varieties
There have been many rumours of ghosts at the City Varieties. One well known one plays the piano late at night, the other is an unknown lady who creates a cloud of cold air as she walks through the stalls.


Lumb Hall, Drighlington
Witnesses of the Lumb Hall ghost say it is a figure dressed in Civil War uniform that makes a shuffling sound near the front door.