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Finding Nature Inside

Resource created by Leeds Museums and Galleries | Lotherton


This resource is part of the Museum Snapshot collection - a collection of smaller resources perfect for starters, plenaries or spare moments to explore something fascinating.

This resource contains a downloadable powerpoint exploring the theme of natural decoration within the Hall.


Curriculum Links

  • KS1 Art & Design: Learn about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work. Use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.
  • KS1 Science: Identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock. Identify the basic structure of plants.


Colour photograph of a delicate looking teacup with pink and yellow flowers painted inside.  It has gold edges
Teacup with Flower Decoration

If you were to pay a visit to the hall at Lotherton, you might expect to find lots of grand and magnificent objects, but would you expect to find nature?

Colour photograph of a ceramic camel in brown, green and white glaze.
Ceramic Camel

You might think that nature is something that you only find outside, but in fact nature is often an important inspiration for artists and decorators inside the home, too. This is very clear at Lotherton, where you’ll find exotic ceilings moulded with animals and plants, and staircases decorated with pictures of leaves and flowers.


Ceramic vase in shades of blue glaze, with a phoenix and snake design.
Burmantofts Vase


Activity Ideas

  • Download the powerpoint.  As Nature Detectives, zoom in on different objects in the powerpoint to see if you can find natural themes in decorative objects all around the house.
  • What sort of materials are used to make these objects? You will find beautiful patterned fabric, carved wood and moulded metal and stone.
  • What properties to these materials have which make them good for use as furniture, wallpaper, and decorative objects?
  • Follow on activity: Explore the natural world outdoors. Take pictures of plants and animals, or collect leaves, twigs, and other things you can find. Look at them closely with a magnifying glass.
    • What can you see?
    • Can you create your own piece of natural decoration or artwork inspired by what you have found?