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Teachers Notes

Trail created by Leeds City Council New Briggate Heritage Action  Zone,  in collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology.

New Briggate is located to the north of Briggate in Leeds city centre and is around a 10 minute walk from Leeds Railway Station. The trail takes no more than an hour.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 Geography: Map work
  • KS2 History: Local History Study (Leeds)


Discussion Ideas

  • What was your favourite building on the trail and why?
  • Did you find out anything new about the history of this part of Leeds?


Activity Ideas

  • Download the walking trail and have a go at the quiz questions as you follow the route. Most of the answers can be found by looking closely at the buildings around you.
    • Teacher Note: There is a limited time option to send in quiz answers to win prizes - please see the trail for details.
  • List all the different materials used in the buildings on the trail. 
    • What materials do we still use to construct buildings today?
    • Which ones do we not use, or not use so much?
  • Collect data to compare how the use of the buildings has changed over time
    • As you follow the trail, note down what the building was used for when it was first built, and what it is used for now.
    • Choose the best way to visualize your data (for example, pie charts) to help compare the results and illustrate how the use of New Briggate has changed over time
      • What might have caused some of these changes in building use?
  • Look closely at the gravestones in St. John's churchyard. What can they tell us about the people who lived in Leeds before us?
    • Look for different types of jobs people did
    • How long did people live for on average during a specifc time period? 


The Heritage Action Zone Project

New Briggate High Street Heritage Action Zone is a government funded scheme to celebrate and breathe new life into high streets across the country. At New Briggate, Leeds City Council is working with Historic England to regenerate the street and transform the area, improving the buildings and public spaces with grant funding, and holding community and cultural events.