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Middleton Park and Woods

East End Park

East End Park was originally part of the grounds to Osmondthorpe Hall, which was built in the 1720s. The last owner of the Hall, John Robinson, sold the land to the council in 1886 as a civic park (about 50 acres). The Hall itself was destroyed by fire in 1924.

[NB. There were two halls in close proximity – Osmondthorpe Old Hall and Osmondthorpe Hall, so if you researching extra information, make sure you get the right one!]


Faded black and white photograph of formal gardens. The centre of the image is a large, circular grassed island, with four ornamental kidney flower beds around the outside and a one circular one in the middle. This is surrounded by paths, with hillocks and shrubs in the background. There are benches around the outer edge and a man sits on one.
Postcard of East End Park, Leeds 1906

There was a Second World War air raid shelter in the park.


Black and white photograph shows a long interior corridor with a pitched roof. Down each side of the corridor there are benches against the walls. On the right hand side is a small cast iron stove for heat and warmth.
Air Raid Shelter, East End Park, Leeds