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Townclose Hills Nature Reserve​

Wildlife to spot in our parks

Aerial view photo of Garden Tiger moth with wings outstretched
Garden Tiger Moth

As our towns and cities continue to expand, many plant and animal species can be displaced, losing their habitats, food sources or hunting grounds. 

Photo of a taxidermied Blue Tit perched on a wooden branch
Taxidermied Blue Tit

Our parks and green spaces, if managed carefully can be both places for people to enjoy and rich wildlife habitats.  Some management techniuques that encourage wildlfie include letting grass grow longer, planting wild flowers and native species. not using pesticides., removing invasive species. and not removing dead material.

Photo of a taxidermied Red Fox standing on all fours
Taxidermied Red Fox

This chapter shows some of the species you might be able to spot in parks in Leeds, if you are quiet, patient and look closely.

Photo of a taxidermied hedgehog standing up and looking slightly to left
Taxidermied Hedgehog

Aerial view photo of a stag beetle
Stag Beetle