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Teachers Notes

Resource Created by Leeds Museums and Galleries | The Discovery Centre


This short resource looks at how the Romans built roads throughout present-day England, Wales and southern Scotland, during their occupation of Britain and why those roads were so important.


Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History: The Roman Empire
  • KS2 Maths: Measurement, Geometry
  • KS2 Design Technology:  Make, Technical Knowledge


Discussion Ideas

  • Look at the cross section of a model Roman road (see Images in Resources).
    • Why are different sized rocks and pebbles used in its construction? (this allows the road to be compacted more easily, producing a more solid and long-lasting construction).
    • Why is the surface of the road slightly arched, or cambered? 
    • What is the reason for having large, flat stones on the top?
    • How have the Romans designed their roads to cope with rain? (A cambered surface (ie slightly arched) encourages the rain to flow to the sides. Ditches or drains built alongside the roads carry the rain water away).


Activity Ideas

  • Build a working groma using this instruction sheet. Use the groma to plot the outside of a sports court or pitch, or straight running tracks for athletics.