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Slow Looking Videos

Each of the following videos focuses on a single object from the collection at Leeds Museums and Galleries at Lotherton. 

Try to keep your mind and your attention focused on the object but don’t worry if your attention slips and moves away from the object – this is completely normal. If this happens, simply notice this, and bring your attention back to the object.

This slow looking practice is not about knowing everything there is to know about an object but instead is simply about taking time from your day to stop and notice and engage more thoroughly with these objects.

See if you can notice textures, colours, shapes, symbols and shadows in the object.

Mindful practices such as these have been proven to help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and to help with anxiety.

There is an acompanying powerpoint with related mindful yoga poses available to download from the Teacher's Notes page.

Slow looking video: bowl


Slow looking video: inlaid table


Slow looking video: Florence Nightingale sketch


Slow looking video: papier mâché wardrobe


Slow looking video: portrait


Slow looking video: camel ornament