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Teachers' Notes

Resource created by Calderdale Museums.

Curriculum Links

  • KS2 History: Theme extending knowledge beyond 1066
  • KS2 English: Planning, drafting and writing; Reading aloud; Listening; Evaluating and debating
  • KS2 PSHE: Relationships, Rights, Responsibilities, Community and Global Citizenship

Activity Ideas

  1. Using the information from the resource write a newspaper report about the murder of William Deighton.
  2. Design a Wanted poster for the Cragg Vale Coiners.
  3. In your class recreate a trial of the Cragg Vale Coiners. Will your jury show them mercy or go with the original verdict?
  4. Make your own play about the Cragg Vale Coiners. You could use the Cragg Vale Coiners Who's Who to help.
  5. Research other crimes and punishments from other periods of time, such as the Anglo Saxons, the Tudors. Look at the information about the Halifax Gibbet.
  6. Using the Activity sheet identify who is doing what in the picture as Coiners.

Discussion Ideas

The Cragg Vale coiners were in desperate economic circumstances when they decided to start counterfeiting coins.

  • Why did they feel they had to do what they did?
  • Do you think there are situations where it is ok to break the law, like the coiners did?
  • Look at the punishments they received, were they too harsh, or were they justified?
  • How do we support people today who may be struggling with money and looking after their family?
  • How do we try and stop counterfeiting today?