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Welfare and Charities

The Jewish community found it hard to support many of the poorer people arriving from overseas who chose to stay in the town. 
To solve this problem, they set up several charities to provide food, shelter and money for needy Jewish people, including: 
  • The Gemilous Chassedim Philanthropic Society (founded 1848) lent people money without charging them interest
  • The Meshivas Nephesh Society (1849) helped people who were too ill to work
  • Hull Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society (1860) supported Jewish people in need

Photograph of the Hull Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society Rules.  They include thet the object of the Society is to grant relief to necessitious persons of the Jewish faith, in money, either as gifts or loan, or in such other mode as the committee may determine.
Hull Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society Rules

  • Hull Hebrew Holy Institute (1870) looked after visitors and strangers to the city
  • Hull Jewish Soup Kitchen (1872) provided food on the Sabbath and Jewish Festivals to poor Jewish immigrants
  • The Hull Jewish Guild (1879) was a social club for Jewish people
  • Hull Hebrew Emigration Philanthropic Society aimed 'to help all Hebrew Transmigrants coming through the City assisting them on their way and to supervise the Kashrus [these are Jewish Dietary Laws].’
In 1880 all these charities were merged into one: the Hull Hebrew Board of Guardians. It was set up for Jewish people who were poor, sick or elderly. In 1885 they had 604 cases. 
Photograph showing men from Hull Board of Guardians sitting around a table, having a meeting
Hull Board of Guardians
In the 20th century, many more Jewish community organisations were founded – from the Hull Jewish Friendship Club to the Hull Jewish Blind Society and the Hull Orphan Aid Society. 



Board of Guardians – People who make decisions about giving help to people who need it
Immigrant - Someone who travels to a new country to live there
Interest – A charge for borrowing money
Merged – Several things joined together to make one
Philanthropic – Something done to help people who are in need
Provide – To give something that is needed
Remembrance – The act of remembering an event or person
Supervise – To watch over work done by someone else
Transmigrant – Someone who moves from one place to another