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The Legacy of Hull's Jewish Community

During the 1800s, over 2.2 million emigrants passed through the port of Hull. Very few stayed in the city, however, and the city’s Jewish community was never very large. The biggest the community became was 3,000, during the early 1900s. 
As many Jewish people became better off, many decided to leave the city centre and move to suburbs west of Hull. Greater educational opportunities from the 1870s onwards allowed young people the freedom to move elsewhere.
Although it is now far smaller, Hull’s Jewish community left a great legacy for the city. Hull Jews set up businesses, they worked hard to help others, they took part in politics and tried to carve out good lives.



Emigrant - Someone who leaves their home country to move overseas
Legacy – Something that is left behind or handed down
Opportunity – The chance to do or have something good
Suburbs – Area on the edge of a town or city with lots of houses