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Landscape and Architecture

Be Inspired by Buildings in Leeds

Leeds Architecture Shortlist

 Listed below are just a few of the most interesting historic, contemporary and innovative buildings in Leeds. You may have seen some of them.

  • Which ones do you like the best and why?
  • Which other buildings would you nominate to go on our shortlist? Why?


Tower Works, Holbeck

Tower Works' Towers

The original factory buildings on this site were designed by William Bakewell in 1899. They include three towers, which were inspired by Italian architecture. The modern extensions at Tower Works were designed by architect Irena Bauman in 2008.


Architect Irena Bauman

Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility

Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility

Designed by internationally renowned architect, Jean-Robert Mazaud of S’pace Architects in 2013. On one side of the building there is a green 'living' wall, which aims 'to enhance the visual impact and provide biodiversity'.  

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Town Hall, Corn Exchange and Mechanics Institute (now the City Museum)

Leeds City Museum (Formerly the Mechanics Institute)

Designed by Cuthbert Brodrick. 

He designed Leeds Town Hall in 1858, the Corn Exchange in 1863 and Mechanic’s Institute (which is now Leeds City Museum) in 1865.


Leeds Civic Hall

Leeds Civic Hall

Designed by Vincent Harris in 1933.

Harris also designed Manchester Central Library, Sheffield City Hall, Kensington Central Library, Glamorgan County Hall and Atkinsons Building on Old Bond Street in London.


Kirkgate Market

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Designed by Joseph and John Leeming

The Blockshops inside Kirkgate Market were built in 1875. They were originally open to the air, until the aisles were roofed. The iconic market hall building that we see today designed by architects Joseph and John Leeming and, constructed in 1904.

Kirkgate Market Map 1891

The fish market stood where the current National Express bus station is, at one end of the market.


Leeds General Infirmary

Designed by George Gilbert Scott

The older and ornate Victorian LGI buildings are quite rare buildings. They were designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in1863. He also designed St Pancras Station in London.


Broadcasting Place

Designed by Alex Whitbread and built in 2008

Alex works for Feilden Clegg Bradley architects who also designed buildings at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield.


Leeds Grand Theatre, Leeds Central Library and Art Gallery, Roundhay Park and Lawnswood Cemetery

All designed by George Corson

George Corson was a Scottish architect who influenced much of Victorian Leeds buildings and landscapes. He designed Leeds Grand Theatre in 1877 and the central library and art gallery in 1878. He is buried in Lawnswood cemetery.


Bridgewater Place

Designed by Michael Gardner and built in 2007.

This building has 32 floors and is nicknamed The Dalek! It is Leeds’ tallest building standing at 476 feet above ground level.


Roger Stevens Building, University of Leeds

Designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon architects in 1970. It has 25 lecture theatres inside!



Candle House

The Candle, Leeds

Designed by Simon Clarke in 2009

Candle House has 160 exclusive flats, all of which have access an amazing rooftop garden!


Hotel Metropole, Leeds

Designed by local architects Chorley and Connon in 1898


Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Chapeltown

Designed by Palestinian architect J Stanley Wright in 1929.

The building was originally a Jewish Synagogue.


Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Designed by architect Thomas Lodge. Building started in 1938 but wasn’t finished until 1951 because of World War II.


Salem Chapel, Leeds

Built in 1791 by the Rev Edward Parsons

This building is the oldest chapel in Leeds city centre.


First Direct Arena, Leeds

Designed by Populous architects in 2011

The honeycomb structure is based on a mathematical diagram and has glazed panels fitted with coloured, kaleidoscopic lights.  


Leeds First Direct Arena

Rose Bowl, Leeds

Designed by Sheppard Robson architects in 2009


The Rose Bowl in Leeds

Victoria Gate, Leeds

Victoria Gate Shopping Centre in Leeds

Designed by ACME architects in 2016

This building was created using cutting-edge technology to carefully place the 360,000 different bricks and 228 twisted metal panels covering it.

Victoria Gate Carpark, Leeds

The Atlas Statue was designed and produced by Thewlis & Co in the 19th century. The statue is of the Greek god Atlas, struggling to carry the sky on his shoulders.